Different Types of Diving Explained

Different Types of Diver

There are plenty of different diving certifications you can catch. From frozen seas over to sunken wracks… even time travel is possible in the world of diving. So let’s start with this handy guide for those who think that diving is just snorkeling around.

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First Aid Kit for Surfer and Diver - What should be in a First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Surfer and Diver

No matter what type of traveller you are, there is one thing you should never miss: The good old first aid kit. What medicine to packand which remedies should surfer and diver use. Even friends of travelling light should spend some time with the following guide, because it’s always better safe than sorry. Not a friend of packing your suitcase or are you late for your flight? Consider taking some time for your most important travelling companion (beside your surfboard and wetsuit). I hope that you will never be in the situation where you need your first aid kit. But believe me, there are plenty of imaginable situations where a first aid kit is useful and you and other will be thankful that you packed your first aid kit with dedication in advance.

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