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As a rough guide, if you are a surfer you can consider 1.5mm to be suitable for warm water temperature until 22° C. The most common thickness is 3mm, which is suitable for water temperatures between 14° C to 22° C, depending on your own comfort level. For surfing in cold water under 14° C you should use 5mm. Divers should be more generous with thickness since the water gets colder when you go deeper. When the water is colder then 18° C, you should consider 5mm neoprene thickness, and use 1.5mm only when diving in tropical water.

The seams are the most vulnerable spot of any wetsuit. All seams associated with neoprene should be located in low stress areas. One of the worse places to put a seam is in the crotch and under the arm pit. The constant stretch will inevitably weaken the seam and result in leaks. The seams of your wetsuit are stitched manually which is an important quality characteristic. Industrial made state-of-the-art wetsuits often only glue their seams which makes them vulnerable. For our 1.5mm and 3mm wetsuits we do Two Thread Single Blind Stitching on the outer side, and Two Thread Double Blind Stitching on both sides for 5mm wetsuits. Wrist, ankle & neck seals are made out of super multi-flex heat reflecting titanium neoprene that has been special treated with a smooth sleek surface to ensure easy wearing. Therefore the water exchange is minimized thus makes the suit a superb thermal isolated wetsuit. For seams, we use the water repellent version Serafil WR, a sewing thread from the Amann Group, one of the basic requirements for water-tight seams.

Our wetsuits are made 100% from double lined neoprene – neoprene with 4-way-stretch nylon lining on both sides, inside and outside – for protection, durability and warmth, and good characteristics in elasticity and compression. We do not use smooth skin lined neoprene, which has a better protection against wind, but is less flexible and affects your free moving space. Furthermore, combining two neoprene types of different elasticity makes the wetsuit less robust. Between the nylon linings we use W8 neoprene type, which is the most commonly used neoprene and is more pliable and softer than other neoprene material. It has good elasticity for surfing and diving to a depth of 30 meters. W8 is available in 14 Colors.

For knee and elbow pads we use padding's from polyesther urethane which are heat transferred and free of stitching. A bad albeit too common idea is to stitch a pad on the Knee and Elbow which when bent can weaken the outer layer of the main part of the Wetsuit. Our stitch-free pads are stretchable and very strong against abrasion.

For zippers we use the new revolutionary Stainless Steel G-Lock Zipper which is like no other wetsuit zip. Uniquely designed off-set teeth turns wetsuits into dry-suits. Almost no water penetration. Stainless G-Lock zips are corrosion free and virtually unbreakable.

For seams, we use the water repellent version Serafil WR, a sewing thread from the Amann Group, which is more than just a highly efficient multifilament sewing thread in polyester. For decades it has been a synonym for quality, reliability and perfect looking seams.

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We are experienced in shipping all over the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, all of Europe and Japan. If you're not sure whether we ship to your country, please email us first to check. Our packaging is safe, and delivery is to your doorstep. All shipments have an insurance against loss and damage.

Production of your custom tailored wetsuit will take up to 20 working days. For shipping to Germany or EU countries you should calculate another 2-5 days and 6-10 days to ex-European countries.

We're a real company, with real people. We love to talk to our customers on the phone. We are happy to take telephone orders from those clients who have difficulty with, or prefer not to go through the online ordering system. If you phone outside of German office hours and we are not able to answer your call, please leave a message on the voicemail system and we'll call you back as soon as possible. To send us your measures and wetsuit configuration by fax, please use this number: +49(0)32122028622