Wetsuit man

Tired of boring, ill-fitting wetsuits for men? Discover our custom-made suits, chose your own style and colors and enjoy a guaranteed, perfect fit! These custom wetsuits for men are tailored to your size and taste - whatever those may be.

If you’ve ever bought a wetsuit for men before, there is a high chance you’ve suffered from a poor fit, flushing, and limited durability. Custom wetsuit for men, on the other hand, could solve all of these problems, but used to be unaffordable for anyone but professionals.

We are flipping the status quo for men's wetsuits on it’s head with our affordable, high quality, custom fit suits! Our custom wetsuits for men are tailored to your specific measurements and fit like a glove. They are made to last and can be further improved with the use of high-tech materials and extras that fit your personal needs.

At the same time, they come with a price tag that you would never expect to find on a custom-made wetsuit for men. Through the use of high-tech machinery and our experience, we are able to cut down on the waste of time and material. This allows us to offer you affordable, high-quality, custom-made wetsuits for men.

What’s the benefit of getting a custom-made wetsuit for men?

It used to be an absolute hassle to find a right sized wetsuit. Men (like women) come in all shapes and sizes, but the maximum differences in height and width are generally more pronounced in wetsuits for men. That is why men, traditionally, had a harder time finding a good fit.

A custom wetsuit for men circumvents this age-old problem by not making assumptions about the typical measurements of any human being at all! By tailoring our wetsuit for men specifically to each customer, we can ensure a perfect fit.

This is necessary to avoid flushing, the uncomfortable process of cold water coming between you and your wetsuit. To avoid flushing, a well fitting suit is paramount! A wetsuit for men can only trap the water and do his job correctly if it sits perfectly around your body.

At the same time, however, you want your suit to allow you enough movement to enjoy your time in the water. Ease of movement and great insulation (by avoiding flushing) can be opposites and put high demands on the planning and production of a wetsuit. Men’s extremities tend to be longer, as well, making the joints of a suit more prone to poor fitting. Areas like the armpits, elbows, knees or hips are parts where a custom wetsuit for men really shine in comparison to regular suits!

A matter of style

Even if you are one of those rare cases of people who can grab a wetsuit off the shelf, slip in and have a perfect fit: you still might want to consider a custom-made wetsuit for men simply because of the style choices you’d have.

Most men’s wetsuits are either a boring gray or black, or they come in the gaudy brand colors and designs. The first option will make you look like a henchman who’s working for the villain in a 60s spy-movie, the second one will make it seem like you’re sponsored by a brand of dishwashing soap. Neither of these possibilities are really inviting, right?

The obvious choice here is to pick your own style, logos, colors and everything else. If you buy a regular wetsuit for men, you have very limited options regarding the look of your suit, but with a custom-made product, there are (almost) no limits!

Starting from the materials and the style in which it is cut to the colors of the different parts, the seams, zippers and more. We’re also more than happy to print your preferred logo on your suit or leave it empty if you’re going for a more cool and understated look

Our custom wetsuits for men offer a variety of options right here on our website. You can customize your wetsuit with hundreds of extras. In the rare case of anything not being available, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help you add whatever you’re missing.

Custom wetsuits for men - what’s available?

Our wetsuits for men come in a variety of cuts and styles. First, you have to decide between a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved wetsuit. A short wetsuit for men is typically used in warmer waters (but not warm enough to go completely without neoprene) and offers less protection but excellent movement.

A long-sleeved wetsuit offers men more warmth and is therefore better for colder water. It also gives some extra protection from cuts and bruises, and UV-light because it leaves less of your skin exposed. If you are in the market for a long wetsuit for men, you should pay even more attention to the fit! Any sort of wrong sizing will either cause annoying pinching, limited movement or too much fabric flapping around, causing flushing and making you cold.

You will notice that our shop for men’s wetsuits is kept pretty minimalistic. That’s possible because all the magic happens after you picked a basis for your wetsuit. Men’s suits can be further customized with hundreds of extras on the next page.

This includes materials, styles, cuts, extras like knee- or elbow-pads, your personal color scheme or even your own logo! Your personal sizing will help you get the right fit for your wetsuit, even if you normally don’t fit the standard sizes!

This makes our custom wetsuits for men the most versatile option for surfing, swimming, scuba-diving or any other water activity - without breaking the bank! You can get a custom wetsuit for men for each season and region of the planet you find yourself in, and still spend only a fraction of what a single custom wetsuit for men used to cost.

But most importantly: our wetsuits make any men look good! With modern styles and cuts and the option to chose colors and logos, you’ll stick out from the millions of boring, gray suits that we see at the beach every day.

This means: our wetsuits fit all men in more than one way! Sure, they perfectly stick to your body shape and prevent cold water from coming in. But they perfectly fit your personal style as well! With our wetsuits, all men can make the impression they want - in and out of the water.