Wetsuit Woman

Are you tired of looking for poorly fitting wetsuits designed for women? Then look no further and explore our range of custom wetsuits. Our wetsuits are skillfully crafted to meet any woman's specific size and aesthetic requirements – whatever they may be.

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of purchasing a wetsuit for women that didn't fit properly, constantly flushed water, or lacked durability? Custom-made wetsuits can provide a solution to these hurdles, but have historically been too expensive for anyone except for professionals.

We are turning the tables on women's wetsuits by providing you with affordable, top-notch, custom-fit suits that meet your individual requirements! Our custom wetsuits are precisely tailored to your measurements for a perfect fit. They are designed to last and can be upgraded with high-tech materials and optional extras that cater to your very own preferences.

On top of that, you will be surprised by the very affordable price our wetsuits come at. By utilizing advanced technology and leveraging our expertise, we are able to minimize material waste and streamline the production process. This enables us to provide you with high-quality, custom-made wetsuits at a reasonable price.

What’s the benefit of getting a custom-made wetsuit for women?

Finding the right-sized wetsuit used to be a major hassle, as people come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, there is also no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to wetsuits.

Luckily, custom-made wetsuits eliminate this age-old issue by avoiding assumptions about typical human measurements. By crafting each wetsuit to women’s and men’s unique bodies, we can ensure a flawless fit.

This is crucial for avoiding flushing, the unpleasant sensation of cold water entering your wetsuit. A well-fitted wetsuit for women is essential to prevent this from happening and enable the suit to perform its intended function of trapping water against the skin.

Simultaneously, you want your wetsuit to allow for sufficient movement in the water while maintaining excellent insulation to prevent flushing. These two factors can sometimes conflict, making planning and production of a wetsuit more challenging.

A matter of style

Even if you're one of the few people who can grab a wetsuit off the rack and have a perfect fit instantly, you may still want to consider a custom-made wetsuit simply for the style choices available.

Most women's wetsuits come in either a dull gray or black color, or they are full of showy brand logos and designs. The first option makes you resemble a villain from a 60s spy-movie, while the second makes it appear as though you are endorsing a dishwashing soap brand. Neither of these options is particularly inviting, right?

The solution is to choose your own style, logos, colors, and more. Regular wetsuits for women offer limited options for the look of your suit, but with a custom-made wetsuit, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

Starting with the materials and the style of the cut, to the colors of various parts, seams, zippers, and beyond, we are delighted to print your desired logo on your suit. You might even want to leave your wetsuit free from any logos at all for a cool and understated look.

Our website offers a wide range of options for customizing wetsuits for women. You can select from hundreds of extras to create your ideal fit. If you cannot find what you need, please contact us, and we will gladly help you add anything you're missing.

Custom wetsuits for women – what’s available?

Our range of wetsuits for women offers a variety of styles and cuts to choose from. You can start off by selecting either a short-sleeved or long-sleeved wetsuit. Short wetsuits are ideal for warmer waters, providing excellent movement but less protection. On the other hand, long-sleeved wetsuits offer more warmth and protection from cuts, bruises, and UV rays.

When it comes to a long wetsuit, getting the right fit is crucial. Any incorrect sizing can lead to discomfort, limited movement, or flushing, which can make you feel cold. That is why we pay close attention to personal sizing to ensure a perfect fit.

Our online store for women's wetsuits has a minimalistic design because the real customization options come next. You can add hundreds of extras to your wetsuit, such as knee or elbow pads, materials, styles, cuts, and colors, including your own logo. With our custom wetsuits, you can have the most versatile option for water sports at an affordable price.

With the option to personalize colors and logos, you can stand out from the crowd of boring, gray suits on the beach. Our wetsuits fit all women in more than one way, providing not only a perfect fit but also a personalized style that turn you into a true eye-catcher in and out of the water.